Work in Canada vs Mexico. Shocking differences!

Gladys Carmina
4 min readAug 27, 2023

Pizza pays your overtime.

I realized how terrible working ethics in Mexico are after getting my first job in Canada.

I never realized how much employers abuse their employees in Mexico until I got my first job in Canada.

Can you imagine that I believed it was normal to:

  • The lack of flexibility in your working shifts and availability.
  • To be paid an equal paycheck if worked overtime.
  • Not having any days off to relax.
  • Working on fever
  • Asked about my family’s wealth to be hired.

Yeah, that’s normal in my home country.

Here you have the 5 things that shocked me the most about Canadian work ethics compared to Mexico.

1. Work full-time single option vs. Flexible 4 Hours shift

What, can you set up your availability and work only 4 hours per shift?

Are you serious?

In Mexico, we have little option.

Jobs usually require you 8 hours per day, Monday to Friday at least. Weekends usually 6 hours.

And there is little to no flexibility for students, for parents or for entrepreneurs.

So when I discovered that in Canada you have the flexibility to choose your working days and hours, it shocked me.

Whether you need off days to occupy your other responsibilities or you need extra hours to make more money. You got it.


In Canada, you get paid more to work more? In Mexico, we usually do not. Shocking, eh?

2. Salary vs. Hourly wage

Yeah, in Mexico the hourly wage doesn’t exist.

They show the wage per month, not like in Canada, where every job will show the hourly rate.

In Mexico, you will have established working hours but often are not real. Same as in the hospitality industry in Canada.

The difference is that in Canada you get paid for (almost) every minute worked.