Believing These 5 Lies Makes You a Failure Artist.

Who wants to sell cheap?

Gladys Carmina
3 min readSep 13


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If you do this, you’ll be a successful artist. They say:

  1. Follow a trend to go viral
  2. Join a new social media to find your audience
  3. Sell cheap to sell more
  4. Work every day in your craft and you’ll someday succeed
  5. You cannot make a living from your art.

These are all lies. I’ll tell you why.

#1. Follow a trend to go viral

The other day I read from Sinem Günel: Don’t follow a trend. BE THE TREND.

Following a trend can put you in the public eye, but artists are not made from trends.

What makes a person an artist is their unique style of doing a craft.

Follow a trend if it fits your style, if you want to explore your techniques. But never follow a trend for the sole goal of becoming viral.

#2. Join a new social media to find your audience

AGHHHH. No, you don’t need another social media to be successful.

Whatever social media you have at the moment is enough!

Want to join another social media platform? Do it, but don’t expect to find your audience.

You don’t need to find your audience; your audience is not lost.

Building your audience is what you need to do. How do you do that?

Read this.

#3. Sell cheap to sell more

No, don’t sell cheap! Instead, add value to your products.

Also, who wants to sell more items, when you can sell ONE winner piece?

Aspiring artists assume they don’t sell their art because people don’t have money.

Nope, people buy nothing they don’t consider adds value to their lives in a functional or emotional way.

People have money to buy your art, take it away from them!

#4. Work every day in your craft and you’ll succeed



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