I wrote in Spanish in Medium, here are the Results

Unexpected consequences of writing in Spanish.

Gladys Carmina


Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Hola todomundo.

Here is Gladys. I am a Spanish native speaker and when I started my writing journey in Medium, I got disappointed.

I thought I couldn’t share my voice in my native language.

After writing in Medium for over a year as a non-native English speaker, let me tell you about my experience writing in Spanish in Medium.

  • I wrote over 8 stories fully in Spanish.
  • In most of my stories, you will find Spanish words. So far in this article: hola todomundo.

But what about the results?

My articles in Spanish made me money

All the articles in Spanish I imported from my blog, I metered them into the Medium Partner Program, so that they would make money from the membership’s reading time.

As expected, most of my articles didn’t have reads or views because Medium’s audience is mainly English-language readers

But some of them actually made me some cents.

At that time, my articles in English would also make me a few cents.

So we can say that writing in English or in Spanish was quite the same thing. None of them got distributed and made both made me equally a few cents of a dollar.

Here’s the proof

Gladys Carmina’s April stats

Distribution doesn’t matter as long as you build your audience

Medium will only distribute content in English, as they are in an English-speaking country. It makes total sense.

I thought this was a shame. Because I had a lot to share in Spanish. There are certain unique and untranslatable words that the English dictionary lacks.

Which means that none of my Spanish articles got or will be distributed. But guess what?